the smartest backpack in the world


the smartest backpack in the world



We believe in solar energy as a sustainable solution for global energy needs. In the solar backpack sector with integrated batteries, Elysie is the only company to offer such a complete product, integrating several features in addition to the simple function of recharging with solar energy. The solar panel used is based on innovative flexible technology in this sector.


The Elysie backpack is connected to a mobile application which makes it possible to manage and monitor the various functions such as the bag lock, geolocation, the percentage of batteries. The company uses RFID technology which can detect at any time whether the items the user needs are in their bag (keys, smartphone, computer, etc.). Be peace of mind ! We want to offer a luxury quality product and we want to stand out by offering an ergonomic, aesthetic, robust, well-sized and a lightest bag as possible.


Our smart backpack is designed for smart travelers, working people and business guys. We decided to combine freedom, safety, smart technology and an ecological dimension. Designed for “two wheels” drivers and travelers, we also take into account the meteorological aspects to protect the backpack (waterproof materials) to provide additional safety and comfort. The Elysie backpack has a capacity of 20 L

Digital app

Everything is in there : have backpacks equipped with a powerful technology to be able to store energy in an internal battery in the bag and thus allow its user to charge various electrical devices such as tablets, smartphones, laptops simultaneously.


We want to offer a luxury quality product and we want to stand out by offering an ergonomic, aesthetic, robust, well-sized and a lightest bag as possible.




CEO Founder

After 10 years in an international motorsport company as a mechanic and driver manager in various major teams, I have increased my professional meetings and the entrepreneurial community. Atypical profiles, international CEOs and French business leaders, have allowed me to understand this world. I then felt the need to create something in my turn, to follow this path and put my time and my energy in the development of my own business.


CEO Founder

After my master’s degree in business school, I decided to stop after my meeting with Yanis at CES Las Vegas 2019. Passionate about creation, entrepreneurship, my ambition made me start the adventure. Elysie came from my own problem: my phone battery always empty, loss of my things, it was obvious to me to create a smart backpack. Finding a solution to a problem is my let motiv.


Communication Officer

Tell stories, be creative with a new thinking waves this is my way of work. Work with emotions and feelings, this is the real communication. As a communication officer in my own company and for many start-ups, i am inspired by people I have met and this is the strength of my work. As a digital nomad, I cross the world to be inspired.


Creative Director – Designer

As a French Designer operating for diverse international brands and corporations such «LVMH, DELSEY, PHILIP MORRIS, SONY, …» advise the Executive Management team to entrust the communication aspect of each collection to the Internal Design team. Expert/Consultant in Communication Strategies and Innovative Design for diverse companies, I used to work with the inspiration of the Nature, neurosciences and the Urban Dynamics. This is a combination of my creativity to create a perfect design.

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